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I am a mom of three children. My hobby is machine embroidery, applique, decorative stitch free motion embroidery thread, embroidery, textile art, I love sewing, it's my second life. She inspires, designs, I love the distinct colors, nature, landscape, creative handbags, pillows ... ... and everything else. A few years ago, for a creative-my pillow in a competition in the Netherlands won 1st place, I was very happy. A few times I had a part in other competitions, where I had a second place, I'm also described in 2009 in the magazine in Australia-Creative Expressions and other countries about my work. In the Netherlands, where I live permanently, also describes me in the creative and my work. I love my family, and my hobby.

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My photo
Wanda Maria Roszak



Monday, April 16, 2012

Bag unique ,........by Wanda Roszak

Bag  unique  by Wanda  Roszak

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  1. I had a look at your very inventive and unique bags.
    I will browse your blog and I am sure to find more lovely things.